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Premium Group

Access Etrader Patreon Premium group.

The holders of the E-Signals token are verifiable for 2-year free access for the Etrader Patreon Premium group. That includes:
⭐ Early access to content.
⭐ Private telegram group.
⭐ Weekly Analysis of Eurusd and Gold.
⭐ Powerful posts and messages.
⭐ Two to five weekly forex signals.
⭐ Exclusive Forex analysis videos.

⭐ Trading signal updates.

This token is a collectible that lives on the crypto.com blockchain.


4.5 Rating

how to buy ?

Step 1 

In order to buy E-Signals NFT you need to go to our NFT collection in crypto.com here is the link .
register and buy one of the E-Signals NFT editions. 

Step 2

Go to our Patreon pag at this link . register to the NFT Tier and send us a screen shot of your NFT wallet. the Tier price will be $0 for nft holders for 2 years   

Step 3

"sit back" and enjoy the ride. Your Fox can serve as your digital identity, and open digital and financial doors for you... say update in our social media platforms.